Feb. 28th, 2009

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So every teacher I told basically exploded with joy and enthusiasm when I told them what I planned to do. My English teacher tore the resume I had typed up out of my hand and declared he was writing a letter to our Rep to ask for a recommendation for me. My AP History teacher said she'd help in any way she could. Etc, etc...

And then I told my grandparents.

*headwall* THEY YELLED AT ME FOR AN HOUR. "Misty do you know how EXPENSIVE that is?" "Do you want to do this or go to college?" "Politics is so corrupt!" "You'll be raped/killed/eaten alive." "EXPENSIVE." "YOU'RE TOO YOUNG." "Why can't you just do a more feminine thing like Psychology?" "When you find a nice boy and settle down you'll forget all about politics!" And that's where I reminded them I was bi, they shut up for a minute and then told me they wouldn't help pay if I was accepted. I tried to explain how this would really benefit me when I go into politics.

I'd been on such a high after my teachers' reactions. They brought me down so low.

Which is why I need the Zinch scholarship even more. That will pay for most of my first year of college and hopefully get them to reconsider DC. I need that scholarship like burning.

And I know you guys are busy and I keep asking, but ANYTHING you can do to help. Because I am applying for that internship and I think, coming from a red state, and with the new "YAY BIPARTISAN" spirit this administration has I have an excellent chance.

So please, I need you to contact anyone you know to vote for me now, later in the Regionals (especially then) and then in the final 64. Message other members of the site and ask them to vote for me.

Get adults to vote for me too. When they register they just say they are college students or "other." Get your parents/friends/family/anyone to vote. *feels horrible for pressuring you guys butbutbut. D:*



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